Quality Testing & Inspection

Quality Testing & Inspection

Being as an ISO 9001 : 2008 accredited organization, We achieve high quality standards through in-house measuring systems with a well equipped Standards Room that include:

Highly skilled technicians with a ZEST for quality backed by cutting edge technology form the bedrock of True Turn Metal Craft quality driven design and manufacturing enterprise.

Quality Assurance is popularly known as QA Testing;it is defined as an activity & Assurance. We at True Turn Metal Craft ensure by providing the best possible product / service to customers. We focus on improving the processes to deliver Quality Products to our valued customer.

Quality assurance has a defined cycle called PDCA cycle or Deming cycle. The phases of this cycle are: Plan, Do, Check & Act.
True Turn Metal Craft plans and establish the process related objectives and determine the processes that are required to deliver a high-Quality end product.
Development and testing of Processes and also “do” changes in the processes.
Monitoring of processes, modify the processes, and check whether it meets the predetermined objectives.
Implement actions that are necessary to achieve improvements in the processes.

True Turn Metal Craft, use Quality Assurance to ensure that the product is designed and implemented with correct procedures. This helps reduce problems and errors, in the final product. Our aim of Quality control is to check whether the products meet the specifications and requirements of the customer, which evaluates people on their quality level skill sets and imparts training and certifications. True Turn Metal Craft helps provide “perfect” service to our valued customers globally.

Measuring Equipments – In Hosue

Vernier Callipers – Up to 900 mm
Digital height gauge upto 600mm
Micrometer – Upto to 400 mm
Bore Dial Gague – 450 mm
Slip Gauge Box ‘0’ Grade 2 Boxes Consisting Of 122 Pcs
Lever & Plunger Type Dial Indicators With Stand 10 mm
Pressure Gauges
Thread Plug Gauges For Metric, UN, NPT, BSP, ACME, BSF, BSW Series
Thread Ring Gauges For Metric, UN, NPT, BSP, ACME, BSF, BSW Series
Plug Gauges
Snap Gauges
Surface Plate
Bench Center

Testing Equipments

Air Pressure Testing Upto 31 Kg/sq.cm.
Hydraulic Pressure Testing Upto 900 Kg/sq.cm.
Hardness Testing Machine
Shore Hardness Measuring Equipment
Coating Thickness Measuring Equipment
Profile Projector 30 mm
Surface Roughness Tester
Gloss Value measurement equipment

Facilities -Outsourced

Product Testing
Product Type Testing
Salt Spray Tests
IP 66 Tests
Vibration Testing
Endurance Tests
Static Load Tests
Axial Load Tests
Radial Load Tests
Raw Material Testing
Chemical Composition
Physical Properties
Ultrasound Testing
Microstructure Analysis
Magnetic Particle Inspection
Charpy Impact Test
Calibration Services
Measuring Equipment Calibration
Electrical Test Equipment Calibration
Mechanical Test Equipment Calibration
Pressure Gauges Calibration

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