Brass Precision Parts Manufacturers in India
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Brass Precision Parts Manufacturers in India

Brass Precision Parts Manufacturers in India

True Turn Metal Craft is one of the most excellent Brass Precision Parts Manufacturers in India. We are an experimenter in the making of Precision Brass Turned Components and supplements for the Aerospace, Medical, Engineering, Agricultural, and Machine Tool Industries.

Brass Turned Parts, Brass accuracy Turning parts to some course of action endorsements. Because of amazing preparation and inventive limit, we can close the creation sales of the most without a doubt risky parts. Additionally, our Research part has a full stock of checks, tickers, and micrometers, and so on In explicit conditions, we work by and by with our customers during the organizing time of their stock, to guarantee that the most useful part is given concerning shape and standard material, and so on.


  • Any kind of special turned parts can be created as per the client data.


  • Free cutting Brass 319 type or BS 249 type Any special Brass Composition as per customer report.

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