Brass Connector Manufacturers
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Brass Connector Manufacturers

Brass Connector Manufacturers

True Turn Metal Craft is one of the most prosperous Brass Connector Manufacturers in Jamnagar, Gujarat, India. We are a researcher in the generation of Precision Brass Turned Components and accessories for Engineering, Agricultural, Aerospace, Medical, and Machine Tool Industries.

Split bolt connectors are utilized to interface the ends of two segments of copper wire. They have a bolt and nut that form a solid bond. A split bolt is an especially useful part used in several gears like mechanical, electrical, and surprisingly electronic hardware, the diverse use of the split bolt relies on the great material utilized and the accuracy took on in the productive interaction. Split Bolts are commonly LISKI to trolly hold any minuscule item in the center of the split to have accuracy in its activity whether electrical or modern.


  • Utilized BS 2874/Freely cut high-quality brass rods.

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